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Injury Report

The "New Hampshire Injuries Report" is a statewide report that examines injuries to NH residents and includes data about injury-related mortality, inpatient hospitalizations, and emergency department visits.

What is available?


Health Statistics and Data Management, DHHS

What is the Data?

Content: hospital, injury, injuries, prevention, unintentional, intentional, accident, homicide, hospital, emergency, cut, burn, strike, struck, violence, violent, assault, firearm, gun, poison, fall, motor vehicle, car, death, ER, ED
Population: all ages
Years Collected: 1999-2006
Geographic Region: State

How was it collected?

Method: Data for the report comes various sources, including the hospital discharge, Emergency Department, and vital statistics data sets.

Injury Report

Org: Health Statistics and Data Management
Address: Division of Public Health Services
29 Hazen Drive
City: Concord
State: NH
Zip: 03301
Phone: 603.271.5926